Welcome to Prayer for Oslo 2024!

Prayer for Oslo 2024 is from January 7th through the 10th.

Since 2001, Prayer for Oslo (PfO) has every year gathered together a broad range of Christian churches in Oslo for the purpose of praying together. We have seen hundreds of people with hearts for Oslo participate in the different events that take place over the course of the days of Prayer for Oslo.

You will find the program for this year’s Prayer for Oslo below.


Sunday, January 7th - Wednesday, January 10th

Sunday January 7th, 7PM

Kick-Off prayer service in Filadelfiakirken, St. Olavsgt. 24. Ketil Fagervik is the main speaker at the Kick-Off service..


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday January 8th-10th

The program is the same on these three days and the prayer meetings will take place in two different locations.


Oslo Sentrum Baptistkirke, Hausmannsgate 22 : 8:30Am-1PM

8:30AM-10:45AM – Morning Prayer with breakfast for pastors, priests and organization leaders.

11AM-1PM – Midday Prayer with led prayer and prayer seminars. Everyone is welcome to join the midday prayer.

The following are the speakers at the prayer seminars:

Monday: William Skolt Grosås - priest and practicum leader at NLA

Tuesday: Anne-Li Andersson

Wednesday: Sister Hildegard from Lunden Abbey


Filadelfiakirken, St. Olavs Gate 24 : 5:30PM-9PM

5:30PM-6:30PM – Afternoon Prayer - open for everyone.

7PM-9PM – Evening Prayer - open for everyone.

The following are the speakers at the evening services:

Monday: William Skolt Grosås

Tuesday: Janne Våje Breen

Wednesday: Egil Svartdahl


Leaders Dinner

There will also be a dinner for pastors, priests and leaders of organizations this year on Monday January 8th at 4PM at Tullinløkka, address Pilestredet 27. The location is next to Filadelfia Church.

Prices: 400 NOK for an ordinary ticket and 250 NOK for a subsidized ticket. It is also possible to receive a free ticket.

You will need to register for the dinner to be able to attend. The registration deadline is January 3rd. The registration form is on Check-In.


*The program is subject to changes.


What is Prayer for Oslo?

Prayer for Oslo has taken place yearly since 2001 and gathers together hundreds of people every year in prayer for our city. In 2015 a special committee was tasked with creating a mission statement for Prayer for Oslo. Here is what the Mission Statement says: 


·       We believe that God hears people’s prayers.

·       We believe that God acts on people’s prayers.

·       We belong to Oslo and are a part of Jesus’ church here in the city.

·       We commit ourselves to Him in prayer for our city and in our lives.


Statement of Purpose  

Christians gathered together in prayer for Oslo, to the blessing of the city, and for the equipment and inspiration for believers.


Common Goals

·       To understand the pain and needs in Oslo and the city’s meaning for this country.

·       To hear what God wants to say to the city and the church.

·       Guide people into safe experiences of who God is through a multitude of the church’s expressions of prayer (we also acknowledge worship as prayer, referring to “Our Father in heaven, hallowed by Your name”.)

·       To contribute to church unity in the city

·       To strengthen churches in their works of prayer. 

Theme for 2024

During Prayer for Oslo we pray for all of Oslo's inhabitants and for everything that is happening in the city. We pray as in the Lord's Prayer that God's kingdom would come and His will would be done on earth as it is in heaven. We are convinced that the gospel of Jesus is good news for alle people in every way.

During Prayer for Oslo in January 2018 a picture of the city's spiritual, social and cultural state was presented using the Oslo Monitor 1.0. This was a report that was developed by Skaperkraft on behalf of several churches in the city and is an important tool for us. Out from this, we will on these three different sides of our city during Prayer for Oslo 2024. Every day during Prayer for Oslo 2024 will therefore focus on either the city's spiritual, social and cultural situation.

You can download the Oslo Monitor 1.0 report here.

We have over the last several years had a tradition of taking up a monetary offering towards good initiatives in our city. In 2024 the offering and leftover profits from Prayer for Oslo will go to the work of Beveg Oslo, an organization that works towards gathering together churches, organizations and businesses for the purpose of finding out how the church can heal more of Oslo's pain, grow the churches' engagement in the city, and train up more christian society builders.